Machine de remplissage de tube

VKPAK’s Automatic Tube Filling Machine is designed and engineered to produce outstanding quality and precision tube filling and sealing of plastic and plastic/laminate tubes with the output up to 80 tubes per minute. It is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foodstuffs industries. All of our tube fillers include automatic tube loading, orientation, filling and sealing, and coding for plastic tubes for sizes up to 300 ml. The tube filling machine will automatically load the tubes from the tube hopper, and the photo mark sensor will automatically position the tube. Using the hot air sealing method, the inside seal area of the tube is heated by hot air. Then, the tube is transferred to the closing station where the tube is sealed and embossed as required. The tube is then trimmed off and automatically ejected from the machine. The tube filler and sealer offers quick and easy adjustment, making our tube fillers simple to operate and maintain. Different types of finished seals are available for plastic tubes, such as a curved seal and different punch hole seals.

Notre machine de remplissage de tubes peut remplir des tubes en plastique et en plastique / stratifiés avec des produits visqueux, semi-visqueux et liquides, notamment des pâtes, des pommades, des lotions, des produits topiques, des hydratants, des revitalisants, des cosmétiques, du dentifrice, de la crème à raser et d'autres produits chimiques et alimentaires.

VKPAK cream and ointment filling and sealing machine are available to handle metal, plastic, aluminum and laminate tubes. This kind of tube filling and sealing machine is capable to handle different types of viscous and semi-viscous products like as cosmetics, ointment, toothpaste, foodstuff, pharmaceutics, and shaving creams and so on. Control with PLC based and touch screen control panel to get the world class performance.